Kevin Bauer, 1987 - Apeldoorn (NL)

I live and work in The Hague, Netherlands

The sculptures and installations made by Kevin Bauer are characterized by his visual acumen and the colorful, constructive use of form and materials. References to every day architecture and design are fairly direct and the objects regularly remind us of utensils. For example, Bauer provides his images with the option of clamping, sliding in and out, kinking or rotating. This is not always apparent at first sight.By playing with these seemingly functional elements in his work, Bauer creates a story. Such a story can be both guiding and misleading. Although the works originate separately, they have a correlating theme. With his frivolous-looking sculptures, provided with constructive details and use of form with attractive colors, it is his goal to seduce and he plays ironically with subjects such as consumerism and functionality. He exhibits his more recent work both complete and fragmented. This means that Bauer regards his work in part as modular: by combining components from different pieces, he comes to new representations and unexpected associations.


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